Each piece is a relic

worn by a loved one 

worn again

to be tattered

bracing against the cold  

what is worn


the sweet

and irrefutable

memory of hands


 -  Anonymus


Dear Friends

As we all anticipate a new paradigm in the fashion world, join us to become part of Indigene’s journey towards creating a circular fashion.


How you can participate

Return your pre-loved Indigene garment (several wears old) to us for a very special discount on your next purchase. Washed, reimagined and re-purposed, your pre-loved garment will be used to become part of our “ReLove” range.



Your participation matters

This is a small effort by Indigene towards a circular design process. We hope to reduce as much wastage from the making of garments as well as from made garments. We appreciate and love the idea that an Indigene garment is worn several times, with as much love by you and would like to pay an ode to it, hence re-creating it into something new, a second life for the loved and the lived in clothing.



We hope you will be interested in being a part and support of our ReLove effort.

Let us all contribute towards a new, conscious and compassionate world.


**Please get in touch with us if you have any queries about this project.