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Hand Embroidered Eri Silk Bomber jacket

Here is out take on the classic bomber jacket, fully hand embroidered, the bomber is made from hand spun/ hand woven eri silk from Assam, dip dyed sleeves and a contrast gusset adds to the design element of the garment. Make a bold statement with this crafted bomber.

Design Features:

  • Hand spun / hand woven Eri silk
  • S fits S & M  / L Fits L & XL
  • Hand embroidered
  • Zippered front
  • Ribbed waist

Handcrafted in India

Eri silk is an indigenous silk from the north eastern part of India. The worms feed on castor leaves and spin a cocoon of a very coarse, texturous quality of silk. The fabric when spun & woven feels almost like a thick cotton, but with the warmth of silk. Eri keeps getting softer with every wash and brings out its natural sheen. Our Eri is woven by a small wearer women group belonging to the Mising tribe in Assam on the island of Majuli. 

Care Instructions:

Please be nice to your special garment

  • Dry clean only


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