The Ikat Route

Indigene collaborates with the master weavers of Ikat for its upcoming Fall Winter ‘19 collection. The inspiration is derived from the technique of telia rumals and double ikat weaving which is a languishing art in today's times. This centuries old technique has traveled along the silk route and is found in India, Central Asia and as far as Persia and Syria, difficult to say where it actually originated; Ikat is known as Tarbit in Arabic, Abra in Central Asia, Darayee in Iran and Ikat in Indonesia.

The collection is an ode to this resist tie-dyed and handwoven world textile. The motifs and silhouettes in the collection represent different regions on the silk route. Motifs are geometric floral, tie dyed in placement patterns, creating similar look of the counted thread embroideries done by women from Syria and Palestine, in hand weaving. The garment silhouettes are inspired by the elaborate chappans, kurtas and khalats, worn by men and women in Central Asia regions, combined with slim silk pants and wrap over shalwars to complete the look. The collection palette is classic ranging between olive, jewel blue, neutral grey, maroon and black.